Imagine you're in a meadow.
"Once in a while, one comes across a complex story grounded in a mixture of realism and surrealism, only to realize that great storytelling comes from personal places that require our investment in order to tell us something new about ourselves that we haven't discovered before. Such a case is the feature-length script that we review here, titled NOD."
"In this most sophisticated approach to storytelling, we recognize that the writer is an auteur filmmaker who has devoted themselves to the tiniest detail. As a result, NOD is a multilayered and complex script that works on several levels."
Reader's Notes, The Golden Script Competition (2023)
for the third draft of "
"This story is a gripping meditation on the vivid and surprising forms that grief can express itself in, what it takes to push a passive person over the edge."
"The dialogue in this script is subtle, grounded, and realistic."
"Talia is a compelling character to follow and her circumstances make her easy to root for. The supporting characters in this script really shine as being specific, detailed, and full of their own distinct quirks."
"This slow burn story does an excellent job of creating mystery and confusion, while still providing concrete conflict and obstacles for its lead to face."
"This script tells a compelling story with captivating characters that reeled me in from the first few pages. There is an incredibly strong sense of tone and atmosphere that is immediately established and supports the tension and suspense consistently throughout the script."
"...these few lines made me feel like I had physically walked into that room."
Reader's Notes, Raindance Script Competition (2022)
for the second draft of "

Top 2% Plot | Top 3% Overall Impression | Top 8% Structure
"This is such a dark and beautifully written script"
"Such a captivating read"
"Very well-written and emotionally engaging from start to finish"
Judge's Notes on "NOD" first draft
WeScreenplay Feature Contest 2022
"The dialogue is well-written in developing the various dimensions of the characters and moving the narrative to the conclusion."
"The audience invests from the start of the narrative and we  maintain our investment until the conclusion."
"Interesting premise around a mysterious voice in inciting terror and horror."
"Carrie or Poltergeist meets Spike Jonze’s Her."
Analyst T Dimos' Notes on "NOD" first draft
Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards 2022
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